The physicians and medical staff at the OB/GYN Center are dedicated to providing obstetric and gynecologic care to women of all ages and stages of life.

Your safety, an effective procedure and a quick recovery are all important points of focus for the team at the OB/GYN Center. For these reasons, we are proud to offer cutting-edge minimally invasive gynecologic surgery (MIGS) options for many surgeries that were once done via a large open incision.

The OB/GYN Center has brought on surgeons who have unique, specialized training to perform those procedures using the da Vinci® Robotic Surgery Platform, allowing us to complete even the most challenging hysterectomies in a minimally-invasive fashion.

The result? You are able to be home the next day and return to your normal, improved life in less time than you ever imagined possible.

The OB/GYN Center Team

The OB/GYN Center team boasts four talented surgeons who perform robotic surgery: Dr. Jeremiah McNamara, Dr. Rebecca Lobell, Dr. Tiffany Richason and Dr. Jyl Voss. Together they comprise what is one of the largest individual groups of robotic surgeons in the Rocky Mountain region.

Drs. McNamara and Richason are also able to take advances in robotic surgery with the da Vinci® Robotic Surgery Platform one step further and offer robotic surgeries (removal of ovaries, ovarian cysts, hysterectomies) not through 3-4 band-aid incisions, but through only one. There are few practitioners in the country that offer this extremely advanced procedure.